On the Day

The ARC content has been divided up into four modules. The content and activities have been developed to reinforce learning through memory, solving problems, group work and active learning. The ARC experience addresses strands of the of SESE Science, SESE Geography and SPHE Education curriculum. 

Part 1: What is Aquaculture

  • Its definition and comparison with traditional agriculture.
  • Overview of the main types of aquaculture in Ireland.
  • Description of current farming practices in each sector with a detailed account of biology, ecology and environmental factors.

Part 2: Geographic and Environmental Influences

  • Geographic and climatic suitability of Ireland.
  • The requirements for each of the three main types of aquaculture.
  • Water quality, tides, tourism, and environmental impact.
  • Map reading, deduction, analysis and decision making.

Part 3: Socio Economic Impact

  • Historical analysis of population distribution in Ireland and its impact.
  • Economic impact and employment opportunities.
  • Significance of primary industries in a community’s development.

Part 4: Nutrition and Health

  • Overview of the food pyramid and importance of seafood in fulfilling a balanced diet.
  • Global food resources and population growth.