5 positions for standing sex, even if you are not a yogi.

You meet someone on a date, have a great relationship and can't wait to rip your new boyfriend's clothes off. Recognisable? You probably also know how annoying it is that a bed is not always available in these cases. In any case, it is always useful to have some ideas on how to have sex standing up. Take a notebook with you, because you will never go wrong with the following standing sex positions. Order an escort girl near you to fuck and try out the sex positions.

Old but golden

You stand and let your partner penetrate you from behind. A support wall makes this position much less complicated, especially if you have had one drink (too many) and lose your balance faster than usual.

Leaning forward

Want to give the above position a bit more bite? You know that absurd position in American football where players stand with their buttocks pointing backwards? Here's how: Bend over, bend your knees and stretch your buttocks backwards. Place your hands on the floor in front of you or support yourself on your knees. Your partner takes you from behind so that you can hit your G-spot well. Do you want to know how to achieve a G-spot orgasm? Follow this step-by-step plan.

Every house has its cross

OK, now we are cheating a bit because this is a position where the other person is standing. You can lie on your back. Choose any table or bench, lift your legs in the air and cross them around your partner's waist at the ankles or knees. This position creates a tighter feeling. Tip: furniture at hip height is ideal. Another tip: train these muscles for particularly intense orgasms.

Balance is the key

Look deeply into each other's eyes and put your hands around your partner's neck. Then raise one leg in the air. You can lean your leg against a wall or a piece of furniture, but your lover can also - literally - reach under you. You can also wrap your leg around your waist for extra support. This way, your lover can slip in front and you can continue to watch, kiss and caress each other. The trick, of course, is to keep your balance. A sexy variation of this position? Lean your back against the door and rest your other leg on the other side of the doorframe. While we're at it, let's get down to business.

The Titanic

This post is for the super active among us. It is rather risky, but worth it. The lover stands with his feet slightly apart, so that he can rest on the floor. One stands with one's back to one's partner. One rises so that one is at the height of the other person's waist. Bend your legs and wrap your feet around your back. In this way you will be, so to speak, impaled. If your partner supports you at the waist and vice versa, you will have additional support. Do you prefer a simpler version? Then make sure you are close to a sturdy bench where you can rest your hands while you imagine yourself on the bow of the Titanic.



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