Best dog beds for larger breeds

Larger dog breeds are the best for experienced pet owners who know how to keep them healthy and happy. They need more dog food and space, they have to put their energy into something, and they also need good sleep after long days full of running and playing. Beds for large dogs also have to be special: they tend to be spacious, comfy, anti-vandal, but also easy to clean at the same time. But how to find the best one for your pet friend?

If you’re a keen dog owner, then you already know that modern dog shops provide a diverse range of various cushions, burrows, mattresses, baskets, and sofas for all existing dog breeds. Beds for large dogs tend to be simple and specious. It’s not easy to create a basket or a borrow for a huge pup, because it needs lots of materials, extra-strong base, and it takes too much space in your house. At the same time, dogs tend to have different sleeping habits, and they influence their perfect bed shape a lot. So, how to pick the best item?

Pick the right size

When you have an adult dog, it’s simple - you can clearly see how large a dog bed should be. When you have a puppy of a larger breed, then you often have to google how big it’s about to become soon. It’s relatively easy to find the right-sized beds for large dogs offline, but online dog shops can be a bit tricky. It’s great when you can see a picture of a real dog sleeping on its bed, and it’s even better when you can see some information about how long and wide the bed actually is. 

Sleeping habits also play a huge role. While some pups love curling, others sleep like starfish. Some pups even love having pillows under their heads - just like humans! In both cases, a simple but spacious soft mattress is the best option, because it can fit every dog. Huge donut beds for bog dogs are also great - they are comfy and take a bit less space than square or rectangular dog mattresses.

What about shape?

When it comes to large dog beds, they aren’t usually as diverse in types or shapes as beds for small and medium-sized breeds. Unless your house is really spacious, it’s hard to fit in an enormous dog house for a pup who loves burrows and often needs some personal space. You can’t always find these beds available at dog shops, but you can always order them to be designed and crafted personally for you.

The most popular and convenient beds for huge pups are simple mattresses and donut beds. Mattresses can be flat or have trampoline-line surfaces - it’s perfect for dogs who love having pillows under their heads while sleeping. Some square (or rectangular) mattresses also have higher sides, so your pup can feel more protected and comfy inside. 

If you have a dog who loves curling, then a donut-shaped bed is perfect for them. It normally has a comfortable pillow base and soft rounded sides, so it’s comfortable for a dog to put its head on it. 

Fillings and cases

Huge beds can be pretty heavy, so it’s not that easy to move them. Most dog beds are stuffed with comfy and relatively light polyester filling, some beds also have cotton or even memory foam inside. These materials can keep shape well, they are soft and comfy, so your pup will relax well. 

Pup beds also tend to become dirty from time to time - and it’s especially true for tiny puppies and older dogs. Some beds already have removable cases that are easy to clean in a regular washing machine, but you also can buy an additional case when it’s not included. You can even get two of them and change from time to time to keep the bed clean.

Most beds are made of anti-vandal strong fabrics that aren’t easy to chew or tear apart. It’s also important to pick a bed that is water-resistant, so you can easily swipe the dirt from it instead of washing it properly every time your dog has an accident. If your pet is fluffy, it makes sense to pick a bed made of fabric that doesn’t clog pet fur, too. It will help you keep it clean and nice every day.




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