How do cutting plotters work?

The preparation of printed materials requires not only accuracy, but also the use of certain devices that provide the highest print quality and perfect finish. Such devices are undoubtedly cutting plotters, which accurately cut materials both in the form of a roll and in the form of a sheet. See how cutting plotters work and what is their use. What are cutting plotters?
Plotter is a device that records information on paper in the form of a stroke pattern. They are used, including creating: graphic and technical drawing,
recording the measurement result,
Drawing up accurate plans and cards,
Removing templates and shapes,
implementation of installation and architectural projects.
Good plotters are equipped with specially designed blades. These devices are used mainly in large -format printing houses and in companies involved in the creation of advertising materials, because thorough processing is very important in these places. There are also desktop models on the market that are great for creating stickers and other small graphics. How do cutting plotters work?
A cutting plotter based on data sent from a computer builds technical drawings, electronic circuits and other types of projects. He does this, while maintaining a very high quality. This device can display, in particular, on film and paper, as well as on photosensitive materials. In the latter case, the handle, for example, acts as a laser diode. Dydes drawn by a cutting plotter, can have different sizes, from classic A4 formats to those that have a length of even several meters. These writing devices most often use a felt -tip pen, which is driven on flat paper. These pens are filled with multi -colored ink and are lowered by electromagnet to the surface of the paper only when the order on drawing is sent. Another printing method used in plotters can also be the spraying method. The paper is attached to the edge of the plotter or retained electrostatically, charging the substrate with high voltage, which is generated in a special device. This voltage is completely safe due to low current bandwidth. The paper is supported so that it does not move. What are the rallings?
Plotters are several types. We distinguish between plotters: rollers - thanks to them, you can, for example, transfer pictures to T -shirts,
flat - with their help you can cut various types of materials, including cardboard and plexiglass,
engraving - with their help you can make an inscription on a tree or glass,
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