Drug addiction (drug addiction) how to escape?

A story about the essence of drug addiction and that the way to get rid of it leads through rethinking your life values and supporting loved ones.Scientists have long proved that the characteristic features of the homosapiens organism, as well as the specifics of the human psyche, contribute to the progressive development of an individual's habituation to various chemical compounds. Simply put, we get used to it very quickly. Moreover, contrary to the common saying, it is not good at all. The most acute forms of addiction to life-threatening substances in the medical environment are commonly called drug addiction.Is there a way to get rid of this terrible disease once and for all? Let's try to figure it out.We all perfectly understand what drug addiction is. Therefore, it makes no sense to dwell on specific examples in order to demonstrate the essence of this phenomenon. Of course, the best weapon against drugs is to prevent the very possibility of a dangerous situation. That is, all attempts should be cut down at the root. However, any reasoning on this issue will invariably lead us to the eternal themes: the problem of raising children, the problem of promoting a healthy lifestyle, the problem of immorality of the media, and so on. Many articles have been written on all these topics, although the key points have always remained, and will remain, not any external measures, but personal qualities and, first of all, will and reason.But what to do if the moment when the warning was the best option is missed, and the process of attraction is methodically progressing? We will hurry to the nearest narcological dispensary.But before contacting a narcologist, let's stop for a minute and think. Everyone who once smoked and then quit knows firsthand what a crazy and, more importantly, thoughtless attraction is. No matter what you say, smoking is the same drug addiction, in fact, no different from heroin addiction. Only kills slower. But to give up this kind of suicide is not difficult at all.The problem is that most people initially position themselves in a negative aspect: "I can't."Disbelief in one's own strength only fuels the psychological attachment to performing unhurried meditative actions, followed by euphoria (the body is already used to this). Thus, a person simply blocks his will. Burns her powerful young shoots in the flames of an unrestrained bonfire of indecision. This, in turn, leads to the fact that a person continues to drag on a cigarette over and over again or fill a syringe ... very sad of course. But it is by no means hopeless.The way out is to control the attraction with the help of a logical rational approach to the question. It just sounds pretentious, in fact everything is as simple as an orange. It is clear that saying to yourself "I don't need this, because it's killing me" is not enough. You need to force yourself not just to know it, but to believe in it. Sincerely believe. So that faith overcomes attraction. And from the treatises of the remarkable medieval philosopher Augustine, we remember that the will is the embodiment of the spiritual essence of man and, in particular, the embodiment of his faith. The will to do something. Will directed at something. In this situation, the will should be directed at getting rid of the attraction.A great complementary factor will be the support of loved ones.Maybe it's banal, but it works always and everywhere. It is easier to overcome the difficult path together. Especially if the one who is walking next to you fully supports you. It's nice to know that there is someone nearby who will not leave in a difficult moment and will definitely help. But it is even more pleasant to realize that you yourself can be someone who is ready to lend his shoulder in a critical situation. To be the one to hope for when all other options are exhausted. It is in this direction that you need to develop your thought in order to activate the will. The will to act.Undoubtedly, there are methods of treatment. Medical.With the use of specialized biochemical preparations. But let us recall the words of academician Nikolai Amosov, who advised not to rely on medicine: "It treats many diseases well, but it cannot make a person healthy. So far, she can't even teach a person how to become healthy." The opinion is very authoritative and, more importantly, absolutely objective. Modern high-tech drugs sometimes have so many side effects that you begin to doubt whether it is worth using them. But there is no choice, because when the heart has seized and it seems that it is about to leave the chest, you think about helping yourself rather than about what side effects there are.But drug addiction is not the heart. It's not enough to take a couple of pills here. Long-term powerful treatment is needed here. A treatment that changes a person's psyche beyond recognition. Therefore, the option with drug treatment is actually the last option.We need to fight. Fight with yourself, prove to yourself that you are above desires, passions and addictions. It is difficult to bring a person to this. And if you don't have enough strength yourself, then you need the support of loved ones and the help of a qualified psychologist, psychotherapist. Sometimes you can do without a psychologist. Sometimes you can't. It is important that someone pushes a person to take the first step, make them believe in themselves. And when a person does not just say "I can", but believes in it, then the question of getting rid of addiction becomes only a matter of time."He who walks will master the road," the Rig Veda whispers to us through the thickness of centuries. How much wisdom there is in these words. 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