What percentage of women use toys in bed?

Sex today is not just sex with a partner. You are single, have a greater need for sex than your partner, want to get to know each other better or simply enjoy it: sex with yourself is always possible and acceptable. And for this you may need a toy. But you can also use it to improve your sex life with your partner. It's nothing to be ashamed of, more and more women are doing it. How many? Find out here! Even among prostitutes and escorts the use of sex toys is widespread.

An unjustified taboo

Women talk about all kinds of things and recommend the best products to each other. Whether it is the best day cream or the best shampoo, or what new perfume is so good - we like to share it. But what we don't talk about so easily, openly and honestly is sex. And especially about what you like and whether or not you use toys to do it.

So you can become quite insecure. Is it not possible to use a toy? No, of course not! A dildo on the bedside table is no longer anything special, but it gives pleasure. We should not be so reserved.

Many women use sex toys

Worldwide, about three quarters of all women use a sex toy at one time or another.

Australia takes the prize: 95 per cent of them have sex with the help of a toy.

In other words, most women own a sex toy and use it sooner or later in bed. Apparently, we don't talk about it.
What kind of sex toys do we use?

Most women opt for a vibrator, but a dildo is also popular. Objects such as handcuffs and whips, inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, are also essential for many.

But also vibrating eggs, vibrating toys for the pleasure of two partners and other toys are finding more and more space between our sheets.

Do we do it alone or together?

Sex toys may have the stigma of 'sex only', but there are more and more toys designed for partner pleasure. And even a vibrator, a vibrating egg or the good old dildo are no longer just used for sex.

To keep your sex life exciting or to give it a new impetus, a toy can definitely help. And no, men need not feel threatened by a vibrating rod.

You can also experiment with toys. Do you have fantasies that are difficult to realise with the human body? Or does one want a threesome and the other does not, but you want to experience it? Then toys like a strap-on can fulfil this fantasy and make the other person feel good. At the end of the day, it's about having fun together and only doing what makes you both feel 100 per cent comfortable.



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